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Title: Beliya Hoogalu : Kum.Veerbhadrappa
Author: Sendil Kumar
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Recently I read Beliya Hoogalu a Kannada Novel by Kum.Veerbhadrappa. The story is about Narayana Dore - the mighty Lord of Dwarasamud...
Recently I read Beliya Hoogalu a Kannada Novel by Kum.Veerbhadrappa.

The story is about Narayana Dore - the mighty Lord of Dwarasamudra and the love affair of his only daughter Honni, with one of his slave Kariya.

The story begins with Kariya's father, trying to escape from the slavery of Lord, fails in his attempt. the lord hangs him to death, right in-front of his wife and son, in the presence of village people.  Kariya's mother also dies after witnessing unbearable death of his husband thus making Kariya orphan.

Kariya, the small kid looses his parents and becomes slave in Lord's home.  Lord's only daughter Honni, who pities Kariya grows friendship with Kariya.

Both the kids steps into adolescences. Kariya's main job is to drop Honni to her school in the chariot that Kariya drags himself and bring her back from school to home. Honni friendship with Kariya slowly turns into Love in her heart and grows stronger. but Kariya avoids Honni, knowing his status.
meanwhile the lord decides to arrange Honni's wedding and stops her from going to school. Honni misses Kariya.

On the other hand Kariya learns kusthi [wrestling] and in a event that takes place, when Kariya is about to lose in Kusthi, sees Honni in the crowd, draws confidence from her presence. Kariya defeats his mighty opponent, protects his villages reputation and earns the respect of the people of the village. but still Kariya is reluctant to Honni's love.

Not wanted to marry the person his father arranges, depressed Honni falls in serious illness. all the medication fails to improve her health. Dore becomes anxious, he tries whatever he could to save her beloved daughter. but none works. someone suggests him that, only Niluvanji Veerasangappa can cure this illness.  Dore immediately arranges this.

after examainig Honni, Veerasangappa informs that the illness can be cured, but for that, he wants a special milk, that of a Leopard.  the requirement shocks everyone, Dore's hopes start to fade. Kariya volunteers to bring the milk to save the life of Honni.

In a dramatic act that follows, Kariya saves Honni's life by bringing the Leopard home, which gives the milk to cure Honni's illness.

The incident makes Kariya the most respected person among the villagers and the love between Kariya and Honni is evident, that people start to speak about that. Kariya is persuaded by people that there is nothing wrong in loving Honni.

Venkatadri the would be husband of Honni, understands the love between Kariya and Honni and promises Honni that he will help her to marry Kariya.

Slowly Kariya begins to oppose Dore's cruel actions. meanwhile Parameshi tries to unite the people of the village against Dore in the leadership of Kariya. some of Dore's trusted slaves joins Kariya thus making Dore furious.

Dore decides to put an end to Kariya and his supporters. so he brings a gang of criminals from the other village and he conspires to finish off Kariya and others.

what follows is a bloodshed and death. how the whole village turns against the mighty Dore and how Dore escapes from the deadly riot. what happens to Kariya and Honni. The story ends with a tragic climax.

This novel was made into a Kannada movie named Dore starring Shivaraj Kumar. the film slightly deviates from the novel.

The novel depicts the rural  life in the Karnataka - Andra border [if I am not wrong], the slavery system, that is unknown to many of us. although some of the events are far away from reality, the story is engaging and the writer maintains good pace.

Beliya Hoogalu is definitely a page turner.

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